Who needs probiotics?

Everyone eating a modern diet.

In a natural environment your digestive ecosystem’s holes are filled by a constant influx of microbes already digesting the food you eat. In modern food, these microbes have been removed.

Who should be careful around probiotics?

If you have pregnant, nursing, have had a colostomy performed, or are under active medical supervision, please consult to your doctor before taking any probiotics.

What results can I expect?

A noticeable improvement in digestive function. It’s nice.

A single capsule every day, taken 2-5 minutes before a meal.

Have you performed any studies?

Yes. We have performed a month long pilot study which completed on October 10th, 2014.

Our next study is much more ambitious. We are creating a new way to perform high-potential-bias studies, and open sourcing the protocol. Some key features:

  • Mandatory publishing of both positive and negative outcomes.
  • Declaring the analysis procedures in advance of collecting data, to prevent statistical manipulation of results.
  • Designed in the open, with the help of the evidence based nutrition community.

We hope the use of this protocol to rigorously verify product claims will become a new norm. If you are interested in contributing please see the discussion page on LessWrong.

Do you support international shipping?

Yes, we ship to every country on earth except Brazil, Singapore, and those under US Embargo.

We also have some local retailers in a few different countries.

For more details, see our international shipping page.

How does Equilibrium differ from other probiotics?

Short answer: Equilibrium was designed using better science.

Longer answer: The probiotics commonly found in stores were created before metagenomics. These probiotics contain 1-30 strains of milk-digesting bacteria and wheat-digesting yeast. Large portions of the population have a sufficiently unbalanced mircobiome that these blunt tools proved beneficial: but now, General Biotics offers a much better alternative..

Metagenomics and high throughput gene sequencing are prerequisite to fully understanding an entire microbial ecosystem and were not available until about 10 years ago. The applications of these new techniques are only now reaching consumer products.

Using modern methods, we can do a much better job achieving the digestive potential hinted at by normal probiotics. By reasoning directly about ecosystem-level metabolic function, we can provide ecosystem-level fixes. This leads to a more robust solution than can be found using narrow-purpose strains.

Is Equilibrium safe?

Yes. Both by design and as verified during manufacture.

  1. During strain selection we used probiotics common to both our ancestor’s diets and rural diets. These microbes are among the most well studied on the planet, and are safe for human consumption.

  2. During strain selection and the design of our manufacturing protocols we sought out negative opinions from a diverse group of researchers, professors, doctors, other supplement manufacturers, and biological engineers. We then adapted our designs to address any objections. Several of our harshest initial critics are now taking Equilibrium.

  3. We grow our microbes using standard protocols designed for research level microbiology.

  4. We perform tests for contamination and known pathogens throughout our growth and manufacturing process for extra peace of mind.

In short: we take safety very seriously and have implemented aggressive systems to ensure it.

Do you take Equilibrium?

Yes. Anna, David, David’s girlfriend, David’s parents, David’s sister, and David’s cousins are all taking Equilibrium.

What species and strains are in Equilibrium?

Due to its length, our strains list has its own page.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply reply with “Cancel” or similar to any of the transactional emails from us.

Will your product help me with my digestive disease?

While our product may help you, Equilibrium was not designed to treat any diseases. It was designed to provide key dietary microbes needed for proper digestive function.

We suggest you discuss probiotics with your doctor.

Can’t I get the probiotics I need from fermented foods (yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, etc.)?

We love fermented foods (and beverages…), however they do not supply anything approaching complete digestive support.

If you’d like to go this route, we recommend Kimchi over the others. Kimchi contains 1-30 strains depending on the brand, rather than the 1-2 strains found in most brands of yogurt.

Is your question not listed yet? email us: help@generalbiotics.com